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 Please visit the many exhibitions at the Museum of Family History!


The Museum of Family History is a virtual one, and as such is a museum that exists only on the Internet. It has presented since its creation eighteen years ago, many exhibitions, ranging from short historical accounts of Jewish European history during the reign of the Russian czars to more elaborate presentations that feature a multitude of photographs, e.g. "Postcards from Home," an exhibition featuring more than one-thousand photographs of families who once lived in Eastern Europe before the advent of World War II. Links are provided to many audio and video clips that contribute to the multimedia and interactive aspects of the Museum.

Many of the exhibitions at the Museum of Family History could not have been created without the generosity of individuals and families from around the world who have expressed their desire to honor and preserve the memory of their ancestors and their way of life that once existed in a world long since gone. We at the Museum are grateful for their assistance.











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