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"The Immortal Al Jolson"


The Museum's "Great Artists Series" proudly salutes the lives of Jewish artists whose contributions to the world were extraordinary in terms of both the scope and quality of their work....
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"The Immortal Al Jolson"

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within the Museum's
"Great Artists Series":

Max Weber, Artist
David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright
Maurice Schwartz , Yiddish Actor
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Al Jolson's career spanned more than fifty years...

Al Jolson was known as the world's greatest entertainer.

The Museum of Family History honors one of the most gifted performers ever to grace the American stage. Al Jolson's contributions to American culture were immense; his cumulative work has left an
indelible mark in the annals of music lore

This exhibition, "The Immortal Al Jolson," replete with audio and video clips that represent different aspects of Jolson's personal and professional life, has been created, in large part, with the cooperation of the
International Al Jolson Society.




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From the episode of  "Hollywood and the Stars" named "The Immortal Jolson" (1963), narrated by Joseph Cotten.
Courtesy of  the
International Al Jolson Society.

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