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Great Artists: The Magnificent Richard Tucker


Richard Tucker was one of the finest American tenors to ever grace the stage of the major opera houses of the world. He is undoubtedly the finest Jewish tenor who ever lived.

His operatic career is certainly not the only facet of Tucker's life in which he excelled, nor is it the only way he chose to express himself in a spiritual and soulful manner. He was an Orthodox Jew who served as the cantor of a Brooklyn synagogue and, being the good and proud Jew that he was, unflinchingly gave his support to the new state of Israel. Truly this is a man who befits the word "magnificent."

The material quoted in this exhibition can be found
in the biography of Richard Tucker entitled "Richard Tucker,"
written by James A. Drake in 1984 and published by E. P. Dutton, Inc.
This book is currently out of print.

Great Artist Series

 The Yiddish World


The Magnificent
Richard Tucker
in Gounod's

Richard Tucker
as Radames
in Verdi's

Richard Tucker
as Rodolfo
in Puccini's
La Bohème"


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