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Family Life: Welcoming the Sabbath


The Kiddush
The Tucker Home
Great Neck, New York
year unknown


 At the start of a Shabbos meal, Richard Tucker says the Kiddush.
   Present are, left to right: Wife and mother Sarah, son David, husband and father Richard, and sons Barry and Henry.
"Sam Ticker (Richard's father) was innately musical. In his home each Friday night, the Sabbath Eve, he sang traditional Hebrew melodies in his light baritone voice--a pleasant-sounding 'Shabbos voice,' as its kind was called in lower Manhattan. He encouraged his children to join the singing. They looked forward to these Shabbos evenings and, many years later, remembered them warmly. For it was on these evenings--and rarely on others--that the Ticker children saw a different side of their father. The Shabbos music transformed him from a quiet, detached, authority figure into a smiling, loving father.

When Minnie, his eldest daughter, joined in the singing, Sam recognized the emerging purity of a fine soprano voice. Years later, Richard Tucker would remember it as a 'beautiful lyric soprano,' and wondered what it might have become had Minnie seriously studied singing."


Great Artist Series

 The Yiddish World

The Hamotzi prayer
over the bread

Sarah and Richard Tucker
in the family kitchen

Sarah in the kitchen


Sarah Perelmuth
and Richard Tucker
wedding photograph

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