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Ellis Island, front facade, 1902-1913

   Permanent Exhibitions
    Eastern European Jewry

A series of exhibits that describe some of the conditions that Jews were forced to live under from the time of the Russian Czars to the Holocaust and its aftermath.
    Postcards from Home

Photographs were the only way that our families living in Europe and elsewhere could see each other short of a visit. Sometimes a photo was taken before a family member emigrated; others were sent by mail, perhaps with a message written in Yiddish, or perhaps they were hand-delivered by a relative or close friend. Whichever the case, these photos served as a lasting memento that each who possessed them would treasure forever.
    Walk in My Shoes
Collected Memories of the Holocaust

There are many stories left to be told by survivors of the Holocaust, stories that must be told so that others may read and understand about what events transpired during these times, that our increased awareness of what occurred might prevent such a horrific event from ever happening again. Read accounts of a number of survivors from today's Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.

    From the Pale to the Golden Land
How Our Families Came to America

This exhibition discusses the process our families undertook to get from their homes in Eastern Europe to their new homes in the United States. The U.S. immigration policy during the years of mass immigration are also delved upon.

    Living in America
The Jewish Experience

In a number of exhibitions we discuss the lives of those who chose to immigrate to the United States, most of whom came in through Ellis Island and settled, at least initially, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

    The Yiddish World

One of the aims of the Museum is to keep the Yiddish language and culture alive. The Yiddish World honors not only the many Jewish actors and writers, and the products of their creativity,  but also attempts to do what it can to keep the Yiddish language fresh in the mind of the Museum visitor.

    World Holocaust Memorials

Photographs and descriptions of many of the memorials to the Holocaust that have been erected throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel, and elsewhere in the world.




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