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The Museum welcomes your comments. Here are some entries into our guestbook from the first nine years of the museum's existence. Please send your comments to the Museum under the subject heading "Guestbook," unless you are just writing to the Museum to ask a question. We would very much like to share your thoughts and good wishes with other museum visitors. Please contact the Museum at Your comments will be added to the other guestbook comments below.


19 Aug 2013

Please accept my congratulations, and also my thanks, for the Museum's exemplary online exhibit and tribute to Richard Tucker as the music world celebrates the centennial of his birth this month. As Richard Tucker's authorized biographer, I am especially pleased to see that the majority of the contents of the exhibit were drawn from my book, which you acknowledged very graciously as the exhibit's primary source.

During the time I was researching and writing the biography and was working closely with the Tucker family, none of us could have foreseen the Internet, the Web, and the Digital Age in which we now live. What we felt certain about, however, was that the voice and artistry of Richard Tucker as a singer, and the principles and values he stood for as a man, would be timeless.

Please accept this message as an expression of my gratitude for your exhibit, and for the innumerable contributions of the Museum to our collective history.

James A. Drake

20 Jan 2006

I have bookmarked your site and have recommended it to my family and friends. You are doing a wonderful service, the entire site is easy to navigate and a pleasure to read.

Dorothy, CA

20 Jan 2006

Again, I am commending you on your site.

Dorothy, CA

20 Jan 2006

Hi Steven,

I persisted and persevered, which amounted to calling Mt. Hebron once again. This time I had a different person on the other end who located the fellow I sought, name misspelled. And, thanks to your excellent website I have been able to narrow down the area of burial! Indeed, there is a landsmanshaft involved. Given what I've been able to learn quickly, I suspect it is connected to his wife's family rather than the deceased's family locale in the Old Country.

Many thanks for your kind help, and for your excellent website.

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA

21 Jan 2006

The entire website is a marvelous piece of research, and is invaluable for the information it contains. Congratulations to Steve and a big thank you for his efforts, and for allowing us to share the results.

Mel Sofian
Tarzana, CA, USA

21 Jan 2006

This is an amazing and beautifully executed site which is certain to be of great help to genealogists all over the English-speaking world.

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld

22 Jan 2006

I haven't been on the site in awhile and was surprised to see the changes you made. You took a superb site and did the impossible- made it even better. Thanks for your devotion and hard work.

25 Jan 2006

A wonderful idea, and nicely done.


Paul and Rita Gordon

25 Jan 2006

Dear Steve, You have created a remarkable website and a fabulous tribute to our ancestors. On a personal note, I am forever thankful for the loving tribute you created to honor the memory my father's family and their work in the Yiddish Theatre. I know the museum will continue to grow as you seem to work 24/7 expanding its walls.

Connie Fisher Newhan

29 Jan 2006


29 Jan 2006

Dear Steven, Wow....I am spellbound, first by your kindness in sending me the information you did, but most importantly, by your incredible website. What a masterpiece, what a labor of love and devotion! I cannot tell you how touching your site is to me and how much I have learned from you tonight. The history was described so plainly yet touchingly, and I felt I was connected to these wonderful people. I loved learning about the typical voyage that many of our ancestors took, always wanting to know, but having no one else left to ask. My deepest gratitude and most sincere thanks for a job incredibly well done.

Warmest regards,
Shari Kantrow
Bloomfield, NJ

04 Feb 2006

Contact Harry Walker [he has a Speaker's Bureau]. His family came from Cz--. I don't have his address. My mother-in-law was Bessie Walker [or Walkowich] and was Harry's Aunt. I look forward to seeing the site develop.

 Eleanor Rosenberg

08 Feb 2006

It's a beautiful website, Steve. I liked it very much. Good source for genealogical research.

Eliana Aizim
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

09 Feb 2006

Wonderful service. Thank you! Thank you!

09 Feb 2006

Steve's research led me to information that was near impossible to find on my own...I am so appreciative and want to say a public thank was a wonderful moment to hit that button and have an immediate hit! very encouraging...and gives me hope of more discoveries...!

09 Feb 2006

Steve, Thank you so much for your allowed me to locate information that would have been near impossible to find...and all in an was an amazing moment! I am so grateful.

Amy Schupler Veaner
Needham Massachusetts

11 Feb 2006


11 Feb 2006

I find it highly interesting and very well presented.. Congratulations and thank you for sharing all that knowledge and information with us all!

Jenni Hymoff
researching HYMOFF from Lublin and KADETSKY from somewhere in Poland

17 Feb 2006

I wonder if you are interested in additions to your interesting and informative site?

20 Feb 2006

Very well done! Colors are sharp, writing is clear and links easy to follow. I'm disappointed you don't have anything (perhaps yet) on Lepel (near Vitebsk). There was/is an Independent Lepler Burial Society in Baron Hirsch Cemetery, Staten Island. (my ggparents are buried there). Additionally, I have a family photo (presumably from Lepel) c. 1903 - is it something your virtual museum would be interested in? Thank you for 'thanks for the memories'!

Sharon Kaiser Prescott, AZ

20 Feb 2006

I am just blown away by your website, and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time for me. I have recently discovered the Tchausser Society which holds burial plots at the New Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Glendale NY. Through a relative I have discovered four families buried there: Simonov, Gussman, Kantor, and Beilin. I intend to document this area whenever I manage a trip east. Many, many thanks to you for sharing your findings. I am grateful.

Lynn Simons
Cheyenne, Wyoming

21 Feb 2006

Your web site is fascinating and extremely well done. But, please consider changing the name to "The Museum of Jewish Family History," which is really what it is.

Howard Blue

23 Feb 2006

My grandfather had two last names. It was either Hyman Rosenberg or Hyman Schwarzbach. His Jewish name was Chaim. He came to this country with his brother Srool (Isadore). He also had a sister, Sara and another brother Joe. His father died (or was killed) in Europe in the 1860sor 70s. I believe he was a "horse trader". When he first came to this country, he worked on the lower East Side. When his brother and he earned enough money, they traveled through the south selling merchandize. They settled in Mossy Creek, Tenn. which is now Jefferson City. After he married my grandmother, he returned with his wife and young son, Lewis (Louis) to Brooklyn and became successful selling insurance. He died in 1936.

06 Apr 2006

This is a truly magnificent website, visibly a labor of love, and the labor is obvious.

The photos from Europe, despite the sad tales many of them represent, reflect a heartwarming state of hopefulness. Take a look at Dem Purim Shpiele from Miskolc, Hungary.

Thanks so much, Steve. You've posted information here that is available nowhere else.


Barry Zwick in Los Angeles

08 April 2006


I have just discovered your site, which is absolutely amazing! It will take me a great deal of time to even begin to absorb the vast amount of information you have organized, but I look forward to doing so. I particularly like that you seem to have combined a great deal of background/historical narrative/maps/photos to provide flavor and context, as well as data very specific to one's own research. The balance is very helpful, especially to those of us looking for families in regions of which we have little knowledge. I look forward to reading and learning more from your site. You have really done a fantastic job combining much useful information with attractive and "user friendly" presentation.

18 April 2006

A very moving tribute to those courageous people who emigrated, never saw their parents again and suffered many hardships to create our world.


Best wishes


Shirley Holton London UK

representing immigrants from Simnas and Snipiskes/Vilna (Lithuania) and Szczuczyn in Lomza (Poland)

11 May 2006

What a beautiful and comprehensive site this is!  Creatively designed, laid out in a user-friendly manner.  It makes one want to explore the Museum in depth.  The enormity of information it contains is astounding.


Congratulations Steve!  You've outdone yourself and done wonders for genealogists, family historians!


With my very best wishes and continued success to you.


Merle Kastner

Montreal, Canada

04 Jul 2006

An original angle and beautifully executed.  As I didn't have the time to go through the entire site, I can't as yet make any meaningful comments.  Keep up the good work!


Jerry Aviram

Tel-Aviv, Israel

06 Jul 2006

Hi Steve --

Just visited The Museum of Family History.  Fascinating, and now a bookmarked site to which I will be a frequent visitor.  To those of us in the hinterlands of the Diaspora, your Museum is a great boon.  


Ron Kathren

Richland, WA

10 Jul 2006

Steve, I am so impressed by your fabulous site.  Had time tonight to visit your Site Map and saw the tremendous amount of information available to genners.  Amazing!!!!!Like so many others I have added it to My Favorites and plan to explore it more and more. Congratulations and thank you for the major contribution you are making to Jewish genealogy research.




Joan Parker, Immediate Past President
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Miami, FL

22 Jul 2006

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you for the cemetery information you forwarded to me on Thursday. 

Yesterday I went to Mt. Zion Cemetery to find my great-grandmother's kever (Rebecca Pachter.)

The people in the office were very helpful.  They gave me a photocopy of her index card where I learned her last place of residence as well as her date of death and burial. 

After about twenty minutes of reading archways and gates, I found the Siemiatycze benevolent society's section. How to describe the feelings that ran through me as I searched for her plot? It was like being transported through more than one hundred years of Jewish-American history. Facing my great-grandmother's headstone was such a wonderful feeling. I never knew her, but through
this journey I am on I am getting to know her and feel so close to her and all the others.

I didn't think the visit to the cemetery could get any better Steve, but it did. The icing on the cake was finding my great-aunt's kever, Rebecca's daughter Sarah Pachter Pearl, in the row in front of her mother. And to top this, there was a portrait on the headstone of this thirty-three year old woman - her face looking at me with the same eyes as my grandfather.

I never thought about researching my family's history. What began as a desire to find my great-grandfather's kever in Sullivan County during my summer break, is taking me all over the globe. Of all the places I have traveled in my fifty-three years, nothing compares to the journey I am on.

Again, thanks for the info and for your wonderful website.

Be well.

Tina Levine

6 Feb 2007

What a lovely site. You should feel proud!! I found this site to be helpful to verify a few family facts.

Thank you,

Julie Alferi, CT

Birnbaum family from Wysoko Litovsk

8 Feb 2007

Very nice informative easy to navigate site. I appreciate the lack a gadgets.


Thanks for your work,


Lowell Nigoff

Lexington, KY USA

9 Feb 2007

Your web site "The Museum of Family History" is beautiful.  And, it takes a lot of work to produce such fine results!

I am on the researcher list with the Ukraine SIG and with the German SIG.  My surname request, this query for the Museum of Family History are the names Hyman SPANEL, born 1875 and Hannah SAROKSKAYA, born 1876. By 1905, both the man and wife as the Chosen People had escaped Odessa, Ukraine--and they saw The Bolsheviks coming. I am of The East Coast (US) lineage of SPANEL. SPANEL as a surname: has the most descendants in Midwest (US). SPANEL families, for example, in Nebraska, are of German Catholic lineage. 

It seems that nearly all of the male faces, posted with the Ukraine page, could easily be related-to me: as ancestors, predecessors, and patriarchs.


I recognize the value of the Museum of Family History website. And I am glad that it is online as a research tool!



East Coast (US) branch of SPANEL surname

22 Apr 2007


While visiting graves of some of our ancestors at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Glendale, NY. I happened to notice the Zurominer monument nearby, and wanted to know more about it. Thanks for providing some answers about this striking monument and the other Holocaust memorial monuments in the New York area.

Phil Sussman

23 Aug 2008


The Ukraine SIG congratulates you on winning the 2008 Outstanding achievement Award. It is a very impressive site and a well deserved honor for you. Keep up the great work, Steve. THANK YOU!


Freya Blitstein Maslov
Coordinator Ukraine SIG

15 Oct 2008

Thank you for creating this web site.  Nearly a thousand members of my family came from Sambor and the surrounding area.


Frank Haberman

13 Apr 2010

Wow! I am amazed at the depth and breadth of material here. What a resource!

 I hope to enable our “brick and mortar” museum here in Seattle, Washington, to undertake something similar with our members and friends contributing initially and then expanding it outward.

 I say again, “wow”!

Nicky Ducommun
Membership Manager
Museum of History & Industry
2700 24th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112-2099

21 Jun 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently came across the web site for The Museum of Family History and was fascinated both by the photographs and the narratives presented.  In particular, I discovered a group picture which included a photograph of someone I once knew quite a few years ago:  "Lottie Berger Burack" was my fourth grade teacher in 1949-50 at Public School 70 in the Bronx, New York.   I am very much interested in learning more about her--specifically what direction her life went in once she left the teaching profession to pursue a law degree, as I gleaned from the brief commentary beneath the group photograph. 

Would it be possible for me (or your organization) to contact the individual or individuals who submitted the family history so that I might be able to learn more about her?  Any information which you are able to provide would be most appreciated.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


 Gerald F. Luboff










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