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The Great Richard Tucker: Postscript


"Tucker's generosity....vastly outstripped the few occasions on which he exhibited any uncharitable reactions. In particular, his generosity toward charitable causes was extraordinary. Conservative estimates suggest that in thirty years Tucker contributed his services to raising more than $200 million for a broad range of causes. In return, he received a wealth of honors--among them the First Annual B'nai B'rith Award, The Handel Medallion, the National Interfaith Council Award, the Louis B. Brandeis Medal for Service to Humanity, a gold medal from the City of Vienna for his cultural contributions, the State of Israel's first Artistic and Cultural Award, a gold plaque for distinguished service to Israel during its formative years, and the coveted Order of the Commendatore, Italy's highest civilian honor.

Shortly after his death, the Richard Tucker Music Foundation was chartered by his family "to perpetuate the memory of America's greatest tenor through projects in aid of gifted young singers."

"Man and artist, Tucker left his mark on the history of his time, and in so doing ensured for himself an immortality reserved for a very few. Poetically and nobly, the words of the great rabbis speak to its source:

When Death comes whispering to me:
'Thy days are ended.'
Let me say to him:
'I have lived in love and not in mere time.'
He will ask:
'Will you songs remain?'
I shall reply:
'I know not, but this I do know,
That often when I sang my songs,
I found my own eternity.' "



Great Artist Series

 The Yiddish World

     At home, by the piano

     Visiting Israeli soldier
        during Six-Day War


Receiving Israel's
"Founders of Israel"

Leading Passover services
in Saigon, Vietnam in 1967


Richard Tucker
on a trip out West


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