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Zambrow, Poland


A Call to all Zembrover Landsleit 1947

"The United Zembrover  Relief and Ladies' Auxiliary invite you to a MEMORIAL MEETING for the fallen Zembrover Jews... It is your duty as friends of the  people who were born in  your hometown Zembrove to honor the memory of the fallen heroes and martyrs who gave their lives that we Jews in America might live...We are glad to know that survivors of Zembrov are now located in all parts of the world, Poland, Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Palestine and Shanghai. We are in touch with all our Zembrover that now live in the  United States...We want you to come and hear for yourself the letters of thanks from your own people of Zembrov. Come and hear the greetings from your families and friends."


From Avigdor Ben-Dov:

"...I'd like to share these photos of the Zambrow cemetery taken by the field workers sponsored and guided by Yad LeZehava Institute in Kedumim. They were taken in 2006. One can see that the area is large and it is fenced in (though open in some places). the biggest problem isn't cleaning up as some suggest doing, since most of it was done by YZI. The Polish mayor also was present when the group worked there and gave full cooperation.

The undergrowth and trees are the biggest problem as many more stones are probably buried and undiscovered, hidden by foliage. This also makes reading the inscriptions tough. Lots of work was done to find as many as possible and clean them up. I don't think any more visible stones exist, but there are some standing which are totally unreadable or broken beyond (repair).

One photo (below) is (of) a wonderful rededication ceremony held for Gedalia Tykocinski, whose matzeva (stone) was partially buried and separated. The workers put it together and said Kaddish over the grave when all was cleaned up."

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Zambrow, Poland

Market Day

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You can now see the data gathered from the gravestones (matzevot) still extant at the cemetery in Zambrow, Poland. You can see the information, as well as photographs of almost two dozen matzevot, by visiting . You will first see a video slide show of the YZI work project from 2006 on the first page; the second page will contained the aforementioned photos and data.


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