Churbn Lettland: The Destruction of the Jews of Latvia
by Max Kaufmann




To read any of these parts of the book, simply click on the underlined link.

The History of the Jewish Kibbutz (Community) in Latvia
War (1941-45): The Germans March into Riga
The Destruction of the Jews of Riga Begins (1 July - 25 October 1941)
The Large Riga Ghetto (25 October - 30 November 1941)
The Liquidation of the Large Riga Ghetto (The Ten Bloodiest Days: 20 November - 9 December 1941)
The Small Riga Ghetto (Barracks Camp) and the Reichsjudenghetto (Reich German Ghetto) (1 December 1941 -2 November 1943)
Weapons in the Ghetto
Plan of the Riga Ghetto
The Central and Terminal Prisons of Riga
The Press in Riga During the German Occupation
Jumpravmuiza (Jungfernhof)
Kworim Weinen (Graves Weep)
Art in the Riga Ghettos and Concentration Camps
Men in Women's Roles (in the Small Riga Ghetto)
Bloody Sloka (Schlock) - Dedicated to My Only Son Arthur, Who Was Killed
Professor Simon Dubnow and His Final Journey
Latgale (Lettgalien):
a) The Jewish City of Dvinsk (Daugavpils) and Its Destruction
b) Rezekne (Rositten) and Its Surroundings (Zilupe, Ludza, Kraslava, Preili, etc.)
Zemgale, Kurzeme and Vidzeme:
a) Liepaja (Libau)
b) Jelgava (Mitau)
c) Tukums, Auce (Autz), Ventspils (Windau), Sabile (Zabein), etc.
The Kaiserwald Concentration Camp in Riga
Barracks Camps - Small Concentration Camps
a) "Gestapo", later the Lenta Concentration Camp
b) Army Vehicle Park (HKP, Heereskraftpark)
c) Park (HKP)
d) Billeting Department
e) Spilve
f) Army Clothing Department (ABA - Armeebekleidungsamt)
g) AEG - VEF (National Electrical Company)
h) Strazdumuiza (Strasdenhof)
i) Reich Commissary (Reichskommissariat)
j) Reich Railroad (Reichsbahn)
k) Balasta Dam
l) Daugava Works (DŁnawerke)
m) The Dundaga (Dondangen) Extermination Camp
n) Popevalns (Popewaln)
o) Other Barracks Camps
The Evacuation
The Stutthof Concentration Camp (Waldheim)
The Buchenwald Concentration Camp (Outer Camp Magdeburg)
The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (Oranienburg)
The Road to Freedom (Liberation)
Via Stutthof - Burggraben -Gottendorf - Riben - Lauenburg to Freedom (Excerpt Based on Other Reports)
From Riga via the Stutthof - Buchenwald - Zeitz-Remersdorf Concentration Camps to Theresienstadt and Freedom (Excerpt Based on Other Reports)
The Dachau Concentration Camp (Excerpt Based on Other Reports)
The Day of Commemoration (Jorzait) in the Riga Synagogue (Tenth Day of the Month of Kislev)



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