Molly Picon (1898-1992) was an American actress of stage, screen and television, as well as a lyricist. She was first and foremost a star in the Yiddish and film, but as Yiddish theatre faded she began to perform in English-language productions.

Picon was born Małka (Margaret) Opiekun in New York City.  Her career began at the age of six in the Yiddish theatre. In 1912, she debuted at the Arch Street Theatre in New York and became a star of the Second Avenue Yiddish stage.

Picon appeared in many films, starting with silent movies. Her most famous film, Yidl Mit'n Fidl (1936), was made on location in Poland, and has her wearing male clothing through most of the film. Read the Museum's review of the film by clicking here.

At the conclusion of her autobiography
Molly Picon states, "All I hope is that I have gladdened your hearts....and brightened your lives as you have mine."

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Molly Picon

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