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Postcards from Home

Town Search

Here you may choose from more than one-thousand photographs of families who lived in pre-war Europe. Such a pictorial display allows us to not only pay tribute not only to our ancestors but also to get a sense of the kind of lives they led. Perhaps we may even feel a greater connection with them and develop a greater appreciation of our collective Jewish history.
 This exhibition would certainly not have been possible without the generosity and desire of others to honor their families and perpetuate their memory in this way.
 The photographs can be searched for in two ways--either by family surname or the town most commonly in which they lived, but also perhaps the town or city the photograph was taken in.
 Here you can search by country, then by town. The countries associated with each town are the countries in which they are located today, not at the time the photograph was taken. Just click on the country of your choice, then the town or city name, and then lastly on the family photograph(s) you wish to see.


Family Photographs can be found for the following countries:










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