Placards from the Yiddish Theatre



The Adler Theatre

Perhaps the Adler Theatre had a number of  locations. In yet another placard for the theatre (not pictured here), the theatre was located on 104-106 Bowery in Lower Manhattan.

The placard shown above, right, indicates that the play to be performed on 24-5 Apr 1896 is entitled "Iyev," or "Job," i.e. Job, the person.

The managers of the theatre changed over time. One placard listed Jacob P. Adler as the Sole Proprietor, J. Gordon was the author of the play and M. Rosenthal was the Regisseur (Stage Director); another (above, right), Jacob P. Adler was the Lessee and Manager, and H.? Finkel was the Manager and Regisseur.

The placard on the right does not indicate the year, but it is for a performance of the "Jewish King Lear," and is meant to benefit the Hebrew Legal Aid and Protective Association. The placard reads in part:

"Der Yudisher Kenig Lier [The Jewish King Lear] by Mr. Jacob Gordin, Mr. Jacob Adler as King Lear, Mr. [Berl] Bernstein as Shammai. Windsor Theatre, Thursday, October 13, 1898. Partial translation: 'A sea of diamonds! 'What, more diamonds?' we hear you say with a smirk. 'It must be some new play, but what of it?' No, friend, this time you are wrong. We tell you in all seriousness that we have put together something the like of which you have never seen before, even in your dreams. Listen, now, to what we have for you: The Jewish King Lear, for the benefit of the Hebrew Legal Aid and Protective Association."'

Also mentioned is a matinee performance on 30 Jun of  "Adler's Moshe'le Soldat," and an evening performance of
"Shloime khokhem," or "Solomon the Wise", written in 1906, and loosely based on actual events in 17th century France, during the reign of Louis XIII and the ascendancy of Cardinal Richelieu.  Though it is not directly indicated on the placard, the play was performed in 1906.


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