Placards from the Yiddish Theatre


The New Star Theatre

The New Star Theatre was located at 107th Street and Lexington Avenue within the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The play to be performed on a midweek evening, on 14 October 1908, was Jacob Gordin's "Mirele Efros (The Jewish King Lear), a drama in 4 acts.

The play starred Kenny Liptzin, Bernard Bernstein and Mr. Blumgarden.

The General Managers of the theatre were Heine and Bernstein; the Business Manager was Morris Punch; the Artist Manager was Kalman Juvelier. The Regisseur (Stage Director) was J. Kessler.

The words "Denver Sanitarium" appear on this placard above the title of "Mirele Efros," so perhaps this  is for a benefit performance for the sanitarium.


: courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.


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