Placards from the Yiddish Theatre



The Thalia Theatre

The Thalia Theatre was located at 46-48 Bowery  (between Bayard and Canal Streets, across the street from the Windsor Theatre) in Manhattan.

The Thalia is advertising the Yiddish language version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, starring Yiddish acting great Berta Kalich. Kalich is well-known for this role.

Here the performance will be on Wednesday, January  30, 1895 (prob.)

The placard, in part, states:

''Extra! Extra! For the first time in the Yiddish theater: Mme. Bertha Kalich as Hamlet. The only other woman ever to have undertaken the role of Hamlet was Sarah Bernhardt. Mme. Kalich studied the part for six months with one of the greatest experts in the field, Professor L. M. Gallotstam, the teacher of such supreme artists as [E. H.] Sothern, Maude Adams, Annie Russell, and others. We in the Thalia Theatre Company are honored that she has chosen to appear with us. The great critic Brochvogel and others have acclaimed her artistry; we will do everything possible to help her play this difficult role to perfection.'

: courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.


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