Placards from the Yiddish Theatre


The Windsor Theatre

The Windsor Theatre was located at 45-47 Bowery  (between Bayard and Canal Streets, across the street from the Thalia Theatre) in Manhattan.

This placard announces the presentation of two plays at the Windsor, both starring Jacob P. Adler. The first is "The Yiddish King Lear," to be performed on 2 October 1898, and "Der Yudisher Kapitan Drayfus oyf dem Tayvel's Inzel"  [The Jewish Captain Dreyfus on Devil's Island], to be performed during the next two evenings.

To read more about the "Dreyfus Affair" at the Museum of Family History, please click here.

The placard, in part, states:

'Who has not read about the sad case of Captain Dreyfus? Who has not trembled and shuddered at the reports of his torment on Devil's Island? Who among you has not shed tears over the tragedy of the innocent Captain? What Jew is not concerned with his plight? If you want to witness the anti-Semitic conspiracy, the most extraordinary event of our time, come Monday or Tuesday evening to see The Jewish Captain Dreyfus on Devil's Island, written for Mr. Jacob P. Adler by the famous author, Jacob Gordin. After the performance, to celebrate the holiday season, Mme. Thomashefsky will give a Yiddish rendition of the famous song, 'Get Your Money's Worth'.'

photo: courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.


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