Placards from the Yiddish Theatre


The Windsor Theatre

The Windsor Theatre was located at 45-47 Bowery  (between Bayard and Canal Streets, across the street from the Thalia Theatre) in Manhattan.

This placard announces the presentation of Yiddish actor Morris Morrison playing the roles of both Shakespeare's Othello and Hamlet. The production is called "Der eyntsiger Hamlet, Der eyntsiger Otelo  [The only Hamlet, the only Othello]". The date is June 11th, and the year is probably 1890.

The placard, in part, states:

"Artiste laureate and pride of Jewry, the world-famous star, Morris Morrison, who has been a player at the Kaiser's court, has performed for the Tsar in St. Petersburg, and has appeared in Moscow, Riga, Warsaw, and Odessa, has agreed, out of love and reverence for his Jewish coreligionists, once and once only to tread the boards of the Yiddish stage, and he hopes that by performing the roles of Hamlet and Othello he may render a signal service to the Jewish people. Tickets are 25, 35, 50, and 75 cents and one dollar."

photo: courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.


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