The Fisher Family of Warsaw

Before World War II, many European countries, especially those in the East, were home to many fine Yiddish troupes and theatres. Yiddish plays were performed throughout in countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Russia (though it was banned for a time), Rumania, to throngs of appreciative audiences.

However,  the Nazi murders and their collaborators, in their attempt to rid the world of Jews, also destroyed the lives of many of those once active in the once-vibrant Yiddish theatre. Many Jews were forced into ghettos. Many died there or elsewhere, by one horrible means or another.

This room is a tribute to the dear Fisher family. In the years before the War they took part in Yiddish theatre and film, in a Poland once rich and diverse in Yiddish culture.

Each who met their end during the War had made their mark, forever etched in Jewish memory, not only by their contribution to Yiddish theatre, but to Yiddish culture as well.

























The Fisher Family
Left to right: Boris, Luba,
mother Liza, Anka and
father Herman Fisher.













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