The Fisher Family of Warsaw

"But one of them is more. She (Liza) has this time elevated the performance above the average.
Certainly a large part ... is the role itself. However, the main [success of] it was the performer.
On the Yiddish stage she is not a new face, Madame Barska-Fisher.
She is always acting big, pithy, with a loud mouth. This time she was given a role of a frail,
often terrified and blind woman, sparse of movement and most importantly of speech.
Not once does Madame Fisher fall out of this difficult character, not only when she speaks,
but also, and this a difficult character, and this is much harder, when she is silent.
The entire time that she is on stage her face shines with that inner light with which the blind see all.
This is the kind of performance that elevates a mere performer to the plateau of a gifted artist".

-- Dr. M. Weichert's remarks, in his writings about the acting in Sackler's play "Yizkor".







Luba Fisher

Herman Fisher

Liza Barska-Fisher

Anka Fisher








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