Liza Barska-Fisher and her Roles



"Liza Barska-Fisher had a beautiful voice for singing and also had a capacity for the stage. In her beginnings
 (soon after her arrival to the stage) she had been given roles, and over time she became a useful character actress
in the Yiddish theatre. Liza Barska was very much a lively and friendly person. Collegial, cheerful
and always with a smile on her face, all who worked with her had loved her very much."

Jonas Turkow, "Extinguished Stars", Volume 1, Buenos Aires, 1953.





Liza Barska-Fisher in Solomon Ettinger's "Serkele" Warszawa, Poland



  Listen to Liza singing
"Wieg Lied von Joschke Muzykant
(Lullaby from 'Yoshke Musikant')",
followed by the song "Jenke Dudel von Africa," cir 1913.


Liza Barska-Fisher in "Romanian" role






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