Sisters Anka and Luba Fisher


About Luba: "D
aughter of the Jewish actors Liza Barska Fisher and Herman Fisher, studied at the University of Warsaw. In 1931, she finished the Malubhaska State Drama School in Warsaw and joined the Polish theatre. Fisher had already appeared in 1926 on the Yiddish stage in the Kaminski Theatre. She was the wife of the extremely gifted Polish artist Jacek Woszczerowicz. As reported by Jonas Turkow, from the beginning of the German occupation of Warsaw, she was in the Warsaw ghetto. Afterwards she went over to the Aryan side, but when the ghetto was closed hermetically she could no longer enter and could not send help to her father and sister Annie /Anya who remained there. She alone, being a Jew, had to flee Warsaw. Later she returned and died in a tragic way. In 1929 she participated in a film 'In the Polish Woods' based on a book by Yosef Opatoshu."  ---From an article in a New York Yiddish newspaper in 1948, written by Jonas Turkow.







Leaflet promoting performance in a Warszawa ghetto cafe-restaurant called "Nowoczesna." The performance "In the Land of the Tango" is to be given on 9 Feb 1941, and features Anna Fisher, "American Jazz Songs." Please note the name of the performer mentioned at the top of the page. He is Wladyslaw Szpilman, whose story was told in the film "The Pianist."

Anka Fisher

Luba Fisher

From a 1930s film with
a Tibetan theme.

Luba is kneeling on the floor in the center of the photograph. The framed photo of Luba Fisher on the left is of her in costume from that film.





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