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The Zylbercweigs
The Yiddish Radio Hour



Celia (Silver) Zylbercweig  


  Zalmen Zylbercweig


This Month's Rebroadcast

filled with world and local news, commentary and song

Original Broadcast Date:


September 1982

Seymour Rechtzeit's and Miriam Kressyn's
"Memories of the Theatre: Past and Present"
on WEVD radio:

Today's program honors the
"Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre"
editor Zalmen Zylbercweig
on the tenth-anniversary of his passing.


Listen to the Radio Program

 Just turn on your speakers, click on the microphone icon and the sound recording should begin!


Summary of Radio Program:

What a pleasure to listen to this program!!!

This program is fifteen-minutes long and is mostly in English, though it has enough Yiddish to satisfy lovers of the Yiddish language.

The show begins with them singing a Yiddish-English melody of "There's No Business Like Show Business."

Seymour and Miriam begin to honor Zalmen Zylbercweig by talking about Z.'s history with the Yiddish theatre, which began in Lodz.

Seymour and Miriam then sing together in Yiddish the song "The Whole World is a Stage."

Then comes the first of a number of advertisements (that they themselves participate in conversationally) for Maxwell House Coffee.

They continue talking about Z., about his visit to Ab. Cahan and his receiving a job from the Forverts, then an award for Z.'s thirty-years involvement in Yiddish theatre, then Ab. Cahan's praise of Z., etc.

Seymour says that Z. discovered him when he was playing as a "wunderkind" in Lodz, and also how Z. introduced Seymour in Paris on stage. Then on stage young Seymour sang a lullaby in Yiddish. which he does now during the program in a combination of Yiddish and English, called "Rozinkes mit mandlen (Raisins and Almonds)."

Then another advertisement for Maxwell House Coffee.

Then Miriam talks about her first meeting with Z., when she was rehearsing the play "Shulamis" in Kovno for the "Lexicon" (i. e. which helped raise funds for Z.'s work.) When it was announced to the Kovno public that Z. would be at her performance, it sold out. Seymour and Miriam then discuss some of men she had performed "Shulamis" with over the years. Then we hear a terrific recording of Miriam and Leon Liebgold sing in Yiddish the "Love Duet" from "Shulamis."

Miriam talks about Z.'s dedicated wife, Celia, who was instrumental in Z.'s success, and Z.'s unpublished volume 7 of the "Lexicon" was being given out in Israel.

Finally, they bid s adieu as Miriam says they are on air every Monday and Wednesday, then of course mention about their sponsor, Maxwell House coffee, which is "good 'til the last drop.'"



Credits: The estate of Zalmen Zylbercweig, and the /Forward Association. Synopsis by Steven Lasky.

next rebroadcast: 1964 -- Renown singer and actress Fraydele Oysher visits the Zylbercweig Studio.




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