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135 Brooklyn Theatres!

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Courtesy of the New York City Municipal Archives, the Museum of the City of New York,
 Cinema Treasures, the Brooklyn Public Library,, and the Library of Congress.

Photos were taken in 1940, unless otherwise indicated. Below is a simple listing of all the theatres shown here.


16th Street Albemarle Alben Alhambra Ambassador American Art
Astor Atlantic Avalon Avenue D Avenue U Beverly Biltmore
Bobby Brooklyn Paramount Capitol Carlton Casino Century's
Classic Clinton Colonial Colony Congress De Kalb De Luxe
Decatur Dewey Eagle Earl Echo Embassy Empire
Fair Flora Folly Fortway Fox Garden Garfield
Gayety Globe Gloria Gold Granada Grove Halsey
Harbor Hopkinson Hyde & Behman's Imperial Jefferson Jewel Kenmore
Kent Kinema Kismet Lakeland Lindy Livonia Loew's 46th Street
Loew's Alpine Loew's Bedford Loew's Boro Park Loew's Century Loew's Kameo Loew's Kings Loew's Melba
Loew's Palace Loew's Pitkin Loew's Premier Luna Lyric    


16th Street Theatre, 166 16th Street


Albermarle Theatre, 973 Flatbush Avenue



Alben Theatre, 5406 Third Avenue


Alhambra Theatre, Knickerbocker Avenue and Halsey Street


Ambassador Theatre, 776 Saratoga Avenue 


American Theatre, 910 Manhattan Avenue


Art Theatre, 954-8 Marcy Avenue


Astor Theatre, 927 Flatbush Avenue


Atlantic Theatre, 205 Flatbush Avenue


Avalon Theatre, 1720 Kings Highway


Avenue D Theatre, 4301 Avenue D


Avenue U Theatre, 1602 Avenue U

Beverly Theatre, 111 Church Avenue


Biltmore Theatre, 464 New Lots Avenue 


Bobby Theatre, 1160 Broadway


Brooklyn Paramount Theatre, 385 Flatbush Avenue Extension


Capitol Theatre, 286 Saratoga Avenue


Carlton Theatre, 292 Flatbush Avenue


Casino Theatre, 1151-1155 De Kalb Avenue
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Century's College, 1584 Flatbush Avenue


Claridge Theatre, 443 Avenue P


Classic Theatre, 180 Tompkins Avenue


Clinton Theatre, 595 Clinton Street


Colonial Theatre, 1746 Broadway


Colony Theatre, 6502 18th Avenue


Congress Theatre, 1561 St. John's Place


De Kalb Theatre, De Kalb Avenue
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


De Luxe Theatre, 2001 Bath Avenue


Decatur Theatre, 1674 Broadway


Dewey Movies, 2384 Coney Island Avenue


Eagle Theatre, 431 Central Avenue


Earl Theatre, 1114 Liberty Avenue


Echo Theatre, 368 Bushwick Avenue


Embassy Theatre, 3208 Fulton Street


Empire Theatre, 10 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Fair Theatre, 1830 Coney Island Avenue


Flora Theatre, 201 Atlantic Avenue


Folly Theatre, 15 Debevoise Street
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Fortway Theatre, 6720 Fort Hamilton Parkway


Fox Theatre, 20 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Garden Theatre, 4601 New Utrecht Avenue


Garfield Theatre, 269 5th Avenue


Gayety Theatre, 18-22 Throop Avenue
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Globe Theatre, 7 Sumpter Street


Gloria Theatre, 395 Court Street


Gold Theatre, 176 Sands Street


Granada Theatre, 2819 Church Avenue


Grove Theatre, 474 Wilson Avenue



Halsey Theatre, 928 Halsey Street



Harbor Theatre, 9215 4th Avenue


Hopkinson Theatre, 482 Hopkinson Avenue


Hyde & Behman's Theatre, 365 Fulton Street
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Imperial Theatre, 157 Imperial Avenue


Jefferson Theatre, 811 Myrtle Avenue


Jewel Theatre, 711 Kings Highway


Kenmore Theatre, 2101 Church Avenue


Kent Theatre, 1170 Coney Island Avenue


Kinema Theatre, 2505 Pitkin Avenue



Kismet Theatre, 785 De Kalb Avenue



Lakeland Theatre, 273 Brighton Beach Avenue


Lindy Theatre, 118 Graham Avenue


Livonia Theatre, 382 Livonia Avenue


Loew's 46th Street Theatre, 4565 New Utrecht Avenue


Loew's Alpine Theatre, 6817 5thAvenue


Loew's Bedford Theatre, 1372 Bedford Avenue

Loew's Boro Park Theatre, 5102 New Utrecht Avenue


Loew's Century Theatre, 1252 Nostrand Avenue


Loew's Kameo Theatre , 530 Eastern Parkway
(originally 'Cameo Theatre')
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection.


Loew's Kings Theatre, 1027 Flatbush Avenue


Loew's Melba Theatre, 300 Livingston Street


Loew's Palace Theatre, East New York Avenue and Strauss Street

Loew's Pitkin Theatre, 1501 Pitkin Avenue
Read more about this theatre.


Loew's Premier, 509 Sutter Avenue
















Luna Theatre, 211 Columbia Street



Lyric Theatre, 2245 Pitkin Avenue





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