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The Brooklyn Yiddish Theatre Houses

Here are seven of the theatre houses that once stood in Brooklyn where Yiddish theatre once was performed.
Other Yiddish theatre houses include the Yiddish Boro Park and Yiddish Folks, just to name a couple.
However, today there are no Yiddish theatres left standing in Brooklyn.
Here you will find more than thirty reviews, mostly translated into English from the original Yiddish,
of Yiddish theatre productions put on in Brooklyn Yiddish theatre houses from 1912-1945.


The Hopkinson Theatre
482 Hopkinson Avenue
  The Rolland/Parkway Theatre
1768 St. Johns Place



The Liberty Theatre
61 Liberty Avenue
  The Lyric Theatre
16-18 Seigel Avenue


The Amphion Theatre
437 Bedford Avenue
  Adler's Novelty Theatre
7800 Driggs Avenue




The Brighton Theatre
3101 Ocean Parkway
Coney Island






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