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Cultural Evenings in Czernowitz


Programs from the 1930s

The Cameleon, small-arts stage


Presented in 1931.

Presented a revue entitled
 in 2 acts at the
Summer Theatre
on two evenings,
2-3 July 1933.



Presented on
14 March 1935
at Toynbehalle.


 Presented at Toynbehalle
on 30 April 1930. Organized by the Yiddish Theatre Union of Czernowitz

Presented in 1932.
More Evenings of Entertainment

A production staged at Czernowitz's Deutsches Haus by the "Jewish Youthful Educational Association on 7 December 1925.

The production was entitled "Inszenierter folkslider-avnt (Staged folksong evening)" and was led by M. Surkes, M. Lechtmann, and under the musical direction of Salomon Bograd.


This performance is undated and the location of said performance is unknown.
Perhaps someone will read the written Yiddish on the left of the image to confirm that the performance was staged in Czernowitz.

The title of the performance is "Der ibirker" and has eight scenes.


Even though there's no mention or Czernowitz/Cernauti in this program, it is assumed that this program took place there.

It is a "small-arts evening" staged on 18 November 1933 and was meant to benefit the  "Kultur" Folks-Library and the new Talmud Torah.

The evening was directed by Abner Barak, and Simcha Schwartz is mentioned often within the program.


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Programs courtesy of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

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