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Town with a Jewish Past: The Schools of Czernowitz


For those who spent part or all of their youth in pre-war Czernowitz, their memories are most likely bittersweet. They can remember some of their teachers whom they might have admired and learned well from, as well as their fellow students and friends with whom they once attended school. It is often difficult for them, however, to look back on these times with only fond, nostalgic memories that might somehow comfort them, as so many of us do as we get older when we reflect back on our youth. So many of their classmates perished in Czernowitz and the surrounding towns, or in ghettos, or were deported to Transnistria or a number of concentration camps scattered throughout Europe. Many, though, were fortunate to either have emigrated before the war, or were blessed and somehow survived the Holocaust.

Whatever the fate of the students who attended these dear schools, after some sixty five years or more since the Russians marched brazenly into Czernowitz, it is not only nice, but is a mitzvah, to honor their memory by remembering them. In this series of pages, there exist many school photos that cover the spectrum of ages and grades of the Czernowitz youth, from kindergarten to university level.

For those of you who may have attended school in Czernowitz, you might remember the good times you had with your classmates. Certainly, if you happen to remember the names of anyone in these photos currently unidentified, please contact the Museum of Family History at the website e-mail address with the information needed, i.e. from which photo you are making the identification, the location of the student (or teacher) in the photo whom you wish to identify. For those of you not from Czernowitz, you may only be able to gaze at the visages of these fine, young people, and imagine what kind of souls they might have been during these times, and what might have become of them.

Below is a partial list of schools that Jewish students may have attended in Czernowitz. You can click on any active (underlined) links to reach a page about that particular school. Not all schools listed below have photos represented here within this exhibition, but they would be most welcome additions. For those of you who might have them, please send the photos to the Museum in their original size. Also, do send to the museum any corrections and omissions. The list of schools are as follows:

 1. Liceul Marele Voivod Mihai (LMVM)
 2. Liceul Emanuel Grigorovitza (Hodel Privatlyzeum)(LEG) -
private, boys only
High School "L3" (Liceul No. 3)
High School "LF2" (Liceul de Fete No. 2)
Safah Ivriyah (Hebrew elementary school)
Seminariul Pedagogic Universitar (SPU) (high school) -boys
 7. Volksschulle in der Schulgasse
(elementary school)
 8. Elite School -
private, mixed
 9. Meisler School -
private, mixed
Komenius School - mixed
Teacher's Seminarion
12. Yiddish Middle School No. 3
13. Yiddish Middle School No. 18
There are some class photographs that cannot be assigned a school name. If you can identify the school, please contact the Museum:

14. Girls Elementary School

No class photographs are available for the following schools:
15. Liceul Mihai Eminescu (LME) - (high school) - private, boys;
16. Liceul Miron Costin - boys
17. Liceul Carmen Sylvia (LCS) - private, girls
18. Liceul Iulia Hashdeu (LIH) - private, girls
19. Liceul Oltea Doamna (LOD) - public, girls (see LF2)
20. Liceul Aron Pumnul (LAP) - public, boys
21. Liceul Ortodox de Baietzi - public, boys
22. Liceul
Iuliu Valori - boys
23. Miron Costin - middle school, boys

24. Scoala primara Gheorghe Tofan- unknown


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