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Town with a Jewish Past: The Schools of Czernowitz


Volksschulle in der Schulgasse:
an elementary school located on Schulgasse, across the street from the SPU school

Please tell us more about the teachers and the students that attended classes here.
If you can, please contact the Museum at .

From Marcel Spiegler, a native of Czernowitz:

"The school was referred to as the "Volksschulle in der Schulgasse." It was a boys school except for Kindergarten which was coed. It was on the south side of the street across from the SPU school. The building was a very old two-story building, and each floor had two classrooms, a "T" shaped hallway, and a men's toilet. There was also a small backyard, to the back and right there was a two-room building-- the teachers' room and  the room where the janitor lived .The teacher Tulcinsky is in both class pictures. I remember some of  the students which continued wit me to the SPU: Fredy Segal, Oscar Silberbush, and Pauli Wolf Luttinger."


  2nd Grade

enlarged image

Marcel Spiegler is in third row from top, second from right; Mr. Tulcinsky is the teacher.


  3rd Grade

enlarged image


Marcel Spiegler is in the second row from bottom, far right; Mr. Tulcinsky, teacher, in the center.
Joseph (Jusiu) Plach is standing in the third row from the bottom,
second to the left of the teacher (Jusiu is wearing a jumper).


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