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Town with a Jewish Past: The Schools of Czernowitz


There were two teachers' seminarion in Czernowitz. One was
for Hebrew elementary and high school teachers and the other for "gananot" i.e., kindergarten teachers. Per Abraham Kogan, both of them held their classes in Toynbeehalle. Further:

"The Teachers' Seminarion, a Jewish Community institution , Zionism-oriented, was located in the Toynbeehalle.  The objective was to prepare a cadre of Hebrew teachers, who upon graduation were expected to be employed by Hebrew schools (mainly elementary, but also high schools) all over  Eastern Europe.  The Seminar was apparently established by the Czernowitzer Oberrabiner Dr. Abraham Mark (Chief Rabbi) and was not recognized by the Romanian authorities."

The second man from the left, standing in the back row, has been identified as Yossef Spivak.

Please help us identify these future teachers of Czernowitz.
If you can, please contact the Museum at



Teachers at the Seminarion

enlarged image


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