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Dovid & Feige Ruchle Tachna
Warszawa, Poland
cir 1939


also known as Varsava, Varshau, Varshe, Warsaw, Warsawa and Varschau
Located in Warszawa Gubernia in present-day Poland
73.8 miles ENE of Lodz
Longitude 52 degrees, 15 minutes, Latitude 21 degrees, 00 minutes
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**Warszawa 1998**

Entrance sign to
Gesia Cemetery,
the main
Jewish cemetery
in Warszawa

Memorial to fallen Polish Jewish soldiers on
Gesia Cemetery grounds

Path within
Gesia Cemetery

Cemetery scene
in Gesia Cemetery

Square in Warszawa

Old Market Square

Bronze panel
at Warszawa
Ghetto Monument

Uprising Memorial

Street scene

View along the Vistula River

Meal at student cafeteria by University-
bottom right:
dish of cold
potato, borscht and buttermilk

Royal Castle
**Warszawa 2005**

Umschlagpatz Monument;
This is where many people were put onto cattle cars and
sent to Treblinka

Plaque at the
Umschlagpatz Monument

Mila Street 18 Bunker;
In former Jewish district, under which lay the bunker of the ZOB (Jewish Armed
Resistance Organization)

Bunker monument

Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto bronze relief

Another bronze relief at Monument

Old Market Square

Second view of
Market Square

The Mermaid Monument

Old Market Square

Royal Castle

Column of Sigismund II Vasa

Nozyk Synagogue,
frontal view

Nozyk Synagogue,

Nozyk Synagogue,
side view


Nozyk Synagogue,
interior view
Nozyk Synagogue is the only synagogue that survived the ravages of World War II.
The synagogue was originally founded by Zalman and Rywka Nozyk in 1900.
Though it survived the bombs that fell over Warszawa, the Nozyk Synagogue was damaged by the Nazis, who used the synagogue as a stable.


Nozyk Synagogue,
interior view

Ark curtain
Nozyk Synagogue also suffered damage during and after the Ghetto Uprising. It was somewhat repaired immediately after the war had ended, though its full restoration was completed in 1983.One can still attend Services there daily.

Nargila Israeli
Middle-Eastern Restaurant




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