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The Museum of Family History

is Your Family History!

hat Will Your Legacy Be?


Preserving the collective memory of our family is incredibly important. Whether someone is or isn't still living, it is nevertheless important to preserve their life history and allow those who knew them and loved them to remember them. A life worth living is a history worth preserving. By preserving our own family stories, our life experiences, we are performing a mitzvah by honoring and preserving their memory for the present and future generations. This is our legacy – how we show the world that we care enough about our family, our ancestors, by creating a permanent record of their lives.  The Museum of Family History strives to tell stories of our families, while at the same time creating a virtual world of World Jewish history that will both educate and stimulate the imagination and intellectual curiosity of anyone who spends time visiting the Museum.

The Museum of Family History is your family history! If you look through the museum's web pages you will see countless examples of stories and family photographs shared with the museum by those who knew of the museum's existence and wanted to contribute to its development. They not only wanted to honor the memory of their family members, but they too were hoping that someone who would see a particular photograph, or read a story and would somehow know the family. And this has happened a good number of times! Such devotion to preserving family history inspires others to do the same ... Remember that this museum is your museum!

Many of us who are Jewish say that for much of the Jewish population in the United States and in many parts of the world, we are becoming less in tune with who we are as Jews. We don't often talk about our ancestors, and they often are forgotten or relegated to the deep recesses of our mind. Many of us no longer belong to synagogues, many of which are merging with other synagogues for wont of membership. Often times we don’t follow our hallowed traditions as we once did, and we very often are not activists for important Jewish causes as perhaps past generations of Jews were, such as protesting against anti-Semitism.

Nowadays many of us no longer live near other members of our extended family as we may have once done many years ago. We often don’t talk to our children and grandchildren about our parents or our grandparents and the like. There is little “oral tradition” between our elders and their descendants, where we talk fondly about our own ancestors, in the hopes of passing down the history of our ancestors to the generation of today and hopefully future generations. Perhaps we should become “activists” in a sense, working diligently to keep the memory of our ancestors alive. There needs to be some concrete way to reconnect with our past generations, e.g. by preserving memory, and by doing so strengthening our lineage and giving more meaning to our own lives.

I recently spoke to a woman in her nineties who told me woefully that she had given her son many of her precious family albums to keep in his attic for safe keeping. She further told me that he threw them all out, thinking that they weren’t important enough to save. After hearing her tale of woe, it further enforced my opinion that creating an online tribute to our family was the best way to go, to create a legacy online, to display one’s most precious photographs on virtual museum walls, including even audio or video tributes to our loved ones alongside the photographs.

Here at the virtual Museum of Family History we are making a special commitment to assist others in achieving this goal. Here at the Museum, you can create your own legacy by allowing us to feature your family as one of our Legacy online exhibitions. You can commit yourself to doing this through the telling of your memory of your family members in a myriad of ways: by writing stories about them, through the display of photographs on our museum walls, and by the telling orally or visually about their lives and your memories of them.

Next you will be able to read some nice testimonials to myself, Steven Lasky, the director and founder of the Museum, the chief driving force behind the Museum. You will be able to see a prototype of what an exhibition about your own family may look like. The options of how such an exhibition may be created are many.

Creating a legacy as I've described it is a daunting task. However, you are not alone. The Museum offers to you the option of having us create your own family’s legacy – or of course, you can take charge and write, organize the exhibition yourself. We can scan your photographs for you and perhaps put them onto a CD or make them into a family album.

You can read several testimonials given for my work. You can also see the description of two awards I have been given, mostly related to Jewish genealogy. You can also see an example of what the Museum can do for you by visiting my own "Ness Family" exhibition, which I have created in order to honor my maternal grandparents and their progeny. Please contact the Museum of Family History for more information and the fees involved at

If you'd like to read every page of the Museum's Legacy Project, including the testimonial page, the awards page, and my "Ness Family" exhibition, just click on the right arrows at the bottom of each page.




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