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Creating a Legacy for your Family ►►►




What Will Your Legacy Be?

There is more to leaving one's legacy than simply the giving of money or belongings. What is often most important is the passing to the next generation the memory of those who meant so much to us, to our children, grandchildren, et al.

Such a legacy shows our family today and tomorrow who is and was most important to us. It tells everyone that will see and listen not only about them, but it also say to everyone who we are and what is in our soul, how we loved our family. The memory we leave often not only reflects what has happened in our own life, but also what we believe in and how we have chosen to live our life.

At the Museum of Family History, we have a program, "What Will My Legacy Be?," where we welcome public participation. We feel that it is important to be remembered, that it is a blessing. By the giving our love through our efforts to preserve our family's history, we are handing down our family's collective memory, from one generation to the next. At the Museum, their existence is given its due import, not only through your words you express so eloquently, but also through the display on our museum walls of some of your most precious family photographs, as well as through personal audio tributes created by those of you who often have kind words to say about someone dear to them.















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