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◄◄● The Family of Flora and Harry Ness ►►





The Ness Family

Residents of the East New York
section of Brooklyn, New York

"I heard Yiddish spoken everywhere as I walked along the many streets of East New York, which was the section of Brooklyn where my grandparents lived. I often would smell the rich aromas of Jewish cooking, which seemed unavoidable. These smells are forever etched into my soul and make me long for those days when my grandmother would cook such delicious and heartfelt meals during our frequent family visits. Feeling part of this neighborhood that was filled aplenty with Jewish immigrants, many of whom had arrived in America through Ellis Island just a couple of generations earlier, meeting friendly neighbors, making many family visits to my grandparents' Brooklyn apartment on a regular basis during my childhood, these are memories that I will carry with me and cherish for the rest of my life ..."




The Ness Family

Flora and
Harry Ness,
early 1920s
Brooklyn, New York





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