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Why Are Museums So Important?


Museums are responsible for treasuring and storing all remnants of human history. They act as valuable storage houses for the history of human civilization and the evolution of life on this planet. While the Museum of Family History is not of “brick-and-mortar” and exists only on the Internet (maybe not forever?). It nevertheless aims to be the repository of artifacts and memories of Jewish family life throughout the world over modern history through the use of such artifacts as photographs, stories, audio and video recordings – each of which of has historical value, if you believe that the history of one's life is important, which we do here at the Museum.

The museum holds a place of prime importance in the field of education. It holds the cultural history of a nation, a people and its many inhabitants. At the Museum of Family History, we maintain that the history of Jewish people and the Jewish family is of prime importance, that a life worth living is a history worth preserving. We hold that history of one’s own family should be held to a high esteem. Don't most of us feel that way of our own family?

How are we as a people going to progress as a people, and how are our Jewish families going to not only survive but thrive, if we are not made aware of our collective past? Are we really products of our parents, who were products of their parents? Museums do well to provide a window into our history, on both an individual basis and collectively. If we could choose to display our own family photographs on museum walls, where we also might be able to listen to the oral testimony of our family members, wouldn't this be a very valuable aspect of preserving our own family history?

We may be able to learn lessons from the decisions and actions of our ancestors, and in this way learn how we may interact positively in the world, and also how not to commit the mistakes of our ancestors. What we present collectively as a people propels us forward as a Jewish nation, allowing us to stand up and be great.

Museums use their resources to demonstrate how we all have lived together in the past and the present, and how as a people we can be unified, that we are more similar to each other than different. It promotes understanding and allows us the opportunity to appreciate each other’s differences and encourages people to embrace diversity.

The Museum of Family History is a great source of knowledge and shows how one can conduct research and educate. It is a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to sit down with their children and grandchildren and share stories about their life, which in turn creates not only a stronger bond between members of our family. We can also develop a greater appreciation of world history through personal family experiences. This is a great learning tool, as opposed to learning history in school, where we learn about others, not our own family members.

There is something in the Museum of Family History for everyone, for every taste. Interested in Jewish life in Europe? Perhaps you’d like to learn from first-hand testimony about an immigrant’s experience while emigrating. Perhaps you are curious and would like to know what it was like to become a new citizen of the United States, and how folks adapted in their own way to such a new and different environment?

At the Museum you can read fascinating stories that provoke a wide range of feelings, from curiosity to nationalism. Each person’s family story is treated with great care and is a treasure in its own right. So I hope you will choose to participate! If you are interested in becoming part of the museum's "Legacy Project," just write to and tell us that your interested and would like more information. Also, we encourage you to donate to the Museum by using the "Donate" link at the top of the page and donating through our GoFundMe page. Thank you!








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