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The Life of Maurice Schwartz and the Yiddish Art Theatre
by Martin Boris

To Seymour Rexsite, Charlotte Goldstein Chafran and Caraid O'Brien, each of whom I met along the way.
And for Gloria, who has been here all the while.

I wish to offer eternal gratitude to Martha Herbstman, David Goldman, Shane Baker and Aaron Taub for
their stunning expertise in the Yiddish language, which has survived against all obstacles and disasters.


 1.  In the Beginning.                                                                                      
 2.  “I Burned with a Passion For the Theatre.”                                              
 3.  “Go Home and Don’t Get Involved in Theatre.”                                      
 4.  The Start of an Incredible Adventure.                                                      
 5.  “You’ll Be in Good Hands.”                                                                    
 6.  Greening Out in Philadelphia.                                                                  
 7.  “He Was a Bad Teacher, a Mean Teacher.”                                              
 8. “I’ll Be Looking For Greener Pastures.”                                                   
 9. “The Theatre Must Be a Sort of Sacred Place.”                                         
10. “Our Policy: the Best Plays and Players.”                                                
11. “Mr. Schwartz, You Are Killing Me.”                                                      
12. “I Can’t Describe My Suffering.”                                                              
13. Beginning Over.                                                                                         
14. Empty Pockets.                                                                                           
15. Innocents Abroad.                                                                                       
16. “A Season of Major Accomplishments.”                                                    
17. “I Have My Memories.”                                                                              
18. “We Made a Mistake in Our Extravaganza.”                                               
19. “I Signed the Contract With a Broken Spirit.”                                             
20. “Need Breaks Iron.”                                                                                      
21. “We Shall Have Many Years Ahead of Us.”                                                
22. “He Was a Little Afraid of Buloff.”                                                              
23. “An Exit Made More in Sorrow Than Anger.”                                             
24. "When I'm Outside the Theatre I Am Not Alive."                                     
25. Maurice in Wonderland.                                                                                  
26. The Storm Clouds Gather.                                                                             
27. Reunion in Tel Aviv.                                                                                      
28. “The Very Last Time.”                                                                                   
29. “A Great World Drama.”                                                                                
30. “I Have No Strength Left.”                                                                             
31. “The Theatre Is a Failure as an Industry.”                                                       
32. “Do You Realize What a Catastrophe Has Befallen Me?”                              
33. “The Thwarted Angel of Death Hid Himself.”                                                
34. The Old New Beginning.                                                                                 
35. “A Very Unspectacular Season.”                                                                     
36. “I Had Planned For a Longtime.”                                                                    
37.  “The Greatest Thing We’ve Done to Save Our Lives.”                                  
38. “We Will After All Still Do Great Things.”                                                     
39. “Our Enemies, Burning Like a Fire.”                                                                
40. “Young People Are Playing in the Comedy, Not Old Men.”                           
41.  “I Detected a Warm Friendly Feeling.”                                                            
42. A King in Surgical Stockings.                                                                           
43. “Papa Works Too Hard.”                                                                                   
44. “It’s a Life of Woe, of Pain.”                                                                             
45. “Somehow Yiddish Theatre Will Continue Here.”                                            
46. “I Am Overworked and Exhausted.”                                                                  
47. The Death of an American Citizen.                                                                    

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