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 JANUARY 2005 


As a virtual museum continues to exist, it most certainly evolves on an ongoing basis. Material is added, changes are made, all in the hope that the museum will become enriched, more informative and ultimately more appealing. Please check the Links page periodically, as more interesting web sites will continue to be added to the list. (Note that many of these links that were active in 2005 have changed or are no longer active.)



15 Aug 2005: Jews in the Russian Army
03 Sep 2005: Ellis Island: Port of Immigration:
06 Sep 2005: Living in America: Landsmanshaftn and Other Jewish Organizations
                              Society Gates   New!

Most society burial plots in the New York-New Jersey metro area have metal gates and cement posts at their entrances. As part of an evolving exhibition, web pages containing photographs of the gates and information gathered from these gates, such as the names of the officers and the members, will be displayed.
Perhaps you will find a name within these pages that you are currently researching.
Each page contains the information for society plots that are associated with a particular town or city. To see an enlarged version of any photo, just left-click on the thumbnail version.

  The first two are:
  Ostrow Mazowiecka

09 Sep 2005: Krakow has been added to the Society Gates exhibition.
14 Sep 2005: Bialystok and Czyzew have been added to this exhibition.

15 Sep 2005: Added today are pages for Andrzejewo, Dlugosiodlo, Goworowo, Kolno, Grajewo-Szczuczyn, Stawiski and Zareby Koscielne.
20 Sep 2005: You can now view the society gates and member's names for Brok, Jedwabne, Lomza, Lomza-Gac,  Myszyniec, Nowogrod, Sniadowo, Tykocin, Zambrow and Warszawa.
26 Sep 2005: The town of Lomzyca has been added.


The Cemetery Project:



26 Jul 2005: Unique surnames have been added to the Pultusk list. New lists have been added for the combined Tomaszow  Lubelski/Pietrokov plot and for a plot associated with Eisiskes.

02 Aug 2005: A list containing nearly one-thousand unique surnames has been created for Krakow, Poland. This list represents fifteen of the twenty-nine extant Krakow-associated society plots in the New York-New Jersey metro area. Keep checking the Updates page for mention of more names that have been added to this list.

Also, surnames have been added for a single Congregation Adas Israel Anshei Gal Menach Sfard society.

03 Aug 2005: Two more Krakow-associated society plots have been added, making seventeen of twenty-nine plots that have been added to the database (nearly 3,000 burials in total). Also another Eisiskes plot has been added to the Eisiskes unique surnames list.

09 Aug 2005: Seven more Krakow-associated society plots have been added, and thus twenty-four of twenty-nine society plots (all in the NY metro area) are reflected in the Krakow unique surnames list. Also, one of nine extant Mielec plots are reflected in the new Mielec unique surname list. A unique surnames list for Suwalki-associated plots has been created that at present reflects the unique surnames in five combined Suwalki society plots.

11 Aug 2005: Another society plot has been added to the Suwalki list, as well as three more for the Mielec list.

12 Aug 2005: Four more society plots associated with Ciechanow have been added, thus all Ciechanow society plots in New York (none in New Jersey) have been completed.

13 Aug 2005: More Suwalki and Mielec unique surnames have been added to their respective lists.

14 Aug 2005: More plots have been added to their respective unique surnames list. These plots are associated with the following towns/cities in Poland: Eisiskes, Mielec, Rajgrod, and Suwalki.

15 Aug 2005: New lists have been created for Ozarow and Chelm.

16 Aug 2005: New lists have been created for Kielce, Sochaczew and Serock, and another Ozarow and Chelm (second of  two) plot has been added to the mix.

25 Aug 2005: A unique surnames list has been created for the sole Sosnowiec society plot. More unique surnames have been added to the following lists: Krakow, Eisiskes, Radom, Lublin, Lodz, Rozan and Warszawa.
12 Sep 2005: A unique surnames list has been created for the only two society plots that are associated with Kazimierz Dolny. The following web pages have been updated: Wegrow, Makow Mazowiecki, Suwalki, Czyzewo and Tomaszow Lubelski.
19 Sep 2005:  Unique surnames associated with the following Polish towns/NY and NJ society plots are included today for the first time. They are Czestochowa, Frampol, Gostynin, Lubaczow, Pinczow, Warka and Krosno-Jedlicze (there is only one Krosno plot, and this plot is also associated with nearby Jedlicze. There are other Jedlicze plots, but they have not been attended to by the Museum.)
30 Sep 2005: It has been correctly pointed out to me that two of the seven society plots that I thought were associated with Mielec are actually associated with the town of Mielnica, presently in the Ukraine. The Mielec unique surname list has thus been amended and a Mielnica unique surnames list has been started.




03 Aug 2005: A map of the overall grounds of Cypress Hills Cemetery located in Brooklyn, NY has been added to the collection of maps. This cemetery is non-sectarian and was founded in 1848. There are approximately 350,000 buried within their walls, but only ten or so of the plots therein are associated with Jewish organizations. One of the burial plots is

a very small one associated with the Krakauer Society.

16 Aug 2005: Thanks to the thoughtfulness of a museum visitor, the map for Riverside Cemetery in New Jersey has been updated. Rather than having just a colored, sectional map that was on this web page before, there now is black and white map with all the society names listed for each of the society plot. A lot better, don't you think?



The Map Room: 


09 Aug 2005: Not to be confused with the maps from the Cemetery Project, this site will allow you see what many areas in Poland looked like during the period between the two World Wars. Produced in Poland, these maps are not detailed town maps, but are topographical maps that display most all the towns and villages in the surrounding areas. As the file size of each map is fairly large, they will be rotated with others in the Museum's collection periodically (there are more than eighty in the Museum "archives.") Each original map is divided into left and right halves. The first three maps exhibited are from the regions of Lomza, Bialystok and Lodz.

13 Aug 2005: Pre-war maps for Ostrow Mazowiecka, Tykocin and Warszawa have been added to the Map Room page.

21 Aug 2005: The following maps have been added to the collection: Ciechanow (1935), Augustow (1929/1941), and Goniadz-Trzcianne (1929-1930).

09 Sep 2005: Another twenty-seven maps have been added to the Map Room, of regions that lie within the eastern-half of modern day Poland.
01 Oct 2005: You can now find maps for the Wegrow area, including Sokolow Podlaski, Drohiczyn and Siemiatycze.
07 Oct 2005: Pre-World War II maps of the areas surrounding Ostroleka, Rozan and Wyszkow are now available for viewing.


Postcards from Home:

29 Jul 2005: Many more family photographs from Ozarow have been added, thanks to the generosity of Moishe Gold.

30 Jul 2005: Three family photographs taken in photographic studios, two from Lomza and one from Ostrow Mazowiecka, were graciously shared with the Museum by Reeva Kimble.

09 Aug  2005: More family photographs have been received by the Museum from several contributors and added to the exhibition. The towns/cities in which these photographs were taken are Kazimierz Dolny, Krakow, Pulawy, and Sniadowo, all now in Poland. Also added are photographs from Bereza Kartuska in Belarus and Buczacz (Agnon) and Uman in the Ukraine, as well as one from France.

11 Aug 2005: More photographs taken in towns west of Lublin have been added to the exhibition: Kazimierz Dolny, Pulawy, Deblin, Radom, and Lublin.

15 Aug 2005: Yet more photos from Kazimierz Dolny, Pulawy and Bereza Kartuska, as well as the first family photographs from Romania, including Bukovina.
03 Sep 2005: Family photos have been added from Minsk, Riga, Vilna, Makow Mazowiecki, Warszawa and Pultusk..

07 Sep 2005: Two family studio photographs taken Grodno have been added.

08 Sep 2005: The first family photograph from Lodz has been added to the exhibition.
12 Sep 2005: Family photographs have been added from Lodz, Pultusk, Kamenets Podolskiy.
19 Sep 2005: More photos from Lodz, Sokolka, Nowy Targ and Drohobycz (Ukraine).
26 Sep 2005: Family photos from Dobrzyn Nad Wisla (west of Plock) and Wysocinek have been added.
27 Sep 2005:  A Krakow family photograph has been added.

30 Sep 2005: A family photo from Czestochowa...
08 Oct 2005: Pre-war family photographs from Vilna and Ciechanowiec...
10 Oct 2005: Photographs from Suwalki and Augustow...



Collection Highlights:


31 Jul 2005: Now that the relationships between my paternal grandfather Harry Ness and the Litman and Yetta Osinski and Sarah and Morris Wertel families have been established, two web pages have been added that now contain previously unpublished photographs and information about them and their families.
07 Oct 2005: A photograph of Jacob Greenberg, nee Jankiel Burak, has been added to the Collection Highlights web page. He was a brother of Edith Rosenzweig, nee Itke Burak, who is also featured here.


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