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World Jewish Communities
Remembering the Towns Where Our Ancestors Once Lived


"Dear home, my heart leads me only to you,
Only you always taste sweet to me,
Beloved home, I long to gaze at you.
You are special to me, I never forget you,
Your clean and shining streets
Where I used to walk with my friend,
Yes, that's the way it was,
How good it was in my home..."

-- excerpt from the song "Mein Shtetel Yaass," words and music by M. Kletter


The Museum of Family History cordially invites all those who are interested in preserving the heritage of their ancestral homes to become one of the Museum's World Jewish Communities.

Through a combination of sight, sound and story -- "Communities" will honor the history of our Jewish families -- by telling how they lived their precious lives in the many towns and cities in which they once lived.

The Museum offers all creative souls the opportunity to construct an exhibition -- or to have an exhibition created for them -- that reflects the communal lives and traditions of our Jewish ancestors who once lived in pre-war Europe and elsewhere in the world.

As this is an exhibition that includes both sight and sound, it is required that the submitter possess a degree of both audio and video in a proper form that can be included within this exhibition.

Please contact the museum for further information at


List of Current WJC Exhibitions:

Czernowitz, Ukraine

Ożarów, Poland

 Zambrów, Poland










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