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Town with a Jewish Past: Identity Cards

  Mendel and Henrietta Gottesmann


The English translation of  Mendel Gottesmann's identity card:


The District Office of the Jews in Cernauti

Identity card Nr: 3178/G-878/1942

The Jewish head of family: Gottesmann, Mendel

Street: Titu Maiorescu, Number: 5a

1. Possesses the permit and declares the residence in Cernauti Nr: 1319/1941

2. Possesses the certificate of the census of the Jews Nr.: 48360/1942

3. Possesses the identity card Nr: 30835/19095

The loss of the present card causes the cancellation of the residence permit in Cernauti.

Signatures of the delegates of the police, the C.E.R., and of the government of the Bucovina.
The card of wife Henrietta is similar to that of her husband Mendel.



 Dr. Mesulim (Max) Weiner and his son Richard


                                                                                                              enlarged image

                                                                                                                        enlarged image


 Daniel Rachmuth

                                                                                                enlarged image of pg. 2

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