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      The Holocaust

  Persecution and Flight: The Nazi Campaign Against the Jews

In May 1935, Jews were forbidden to join the Wehrmacht (the army), and in the summer of the same year, anti-Semitic propaganda appeared in shops and restaurants.

The Nuremberg Laws were passed around the time of the great Nazi rallies at Nuremberg; on September 15, 1935 the "Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor" was passed, preventing marriage between any Jew and Gentile....

photo: View of the old synagogue in Aachen after its destruction on Kristallnacht. From the USHMM.



The Jewish Ghetto

When we hear the word "ghetto" in reference to Jewish history, we most often think of the time during the Second World War when Jews were forcibly relocated to small areas of a town or city where they lived under deplorable conditions.

In this exhibition you will be able to read about some of the many ghettos created during the war, as well as hear from former ghetto residents. Also you will see postal artifacts that were sent to or from several of the Jewish Ghettos of Europe.


  Never Forget: Visions of the Nazi Camps

"Never Forget" is a multimedia presentation that represents in some small way the history of the Jewish "experience" during the Holocaust in the many camps.

Within this exhibition you will learn about many of the camps that existed before and during World War II, read testimony from those who were held there, as well as see many intriguing postcards, letters, stamps and other postal artifacts that were sent to and from the various concentration camps.




In this exhibition you will find hundreds of photographs and descriptions of many of the memorials to the Holocaust that have been erected throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel, and elsewhere in the world. These memorials are dedicated to the many Jews--individuals and families-- who were murdered during the war by the Nazis and their collaborators. The memorials also remember lost Jewish communities that were destroyed, never to return.

photo: Kaunas (Kovno) memorial at the 9th Fort.



Collected Memories of the Holocaust

There are many stories left to be told by survivors of the Holocaust, stories that must be told so that others may read and understand about what transpired during these times. Read and hear the important accounts of a number of survivors from today's Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.

photo: Fence, building and guard tower at Auschwitz.



Images of the Concentration Camps

Here you can see photographs taken by those who visited these camps over the past decade. These camps have, for the most part, become museums and/or memorials. It is hoped that by visiting these sites, our increased awareness of what occurred during this time might prevent such a horrific event from ever happening again.

photo: Memorial at Dachau.



Index of Holdings at National Archives, Northeast Division (New York City)
Glossary of Terms Used on Concentration Camp Cards

Buchenwald: Registration Cards
Buchenwald: Post-War Questionnaires

Directory of Concentration Camp Memorial Sites

Links to Holocaust-related Websites

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The Screening Room's Holocaust-Related Films

Please turn on your speakers before using one of the links below, as the video clip begins immediately.

"At the Crossroads: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today"
arpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years"
"Klezmer on Fish Street"
he Last Klezmer: Leopold Kozlowski, His Life and Music"
L'Chayim, Comrade Stalin"
"The Legacy of Jedwabne"

"More Precious than Pearls"
"Saved by Deportation: An Unknown Odyssey.."

"Secret Courage: The Walter Suskind Story"
"The World Was Ours" 
"The Litvak Connection"

"Horodok: A Shtetl's Story 1920-1945"
"The Warsaw Ghetto 1940-1943"


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