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Welcome to the Movies!


  The Cast:    
Gertie Bulman ... Feigele
Mae Schoenfeld Anita Chayes ... Rosalie
Mae Schoenfeld Sam Colton ... Sam
Peter Graf ... Cantor Yeruchim
Leah Naomi ... Sarah
Mae Schoenfeld Benjamin Schechtman ... Yudele
Morris Strassberg ... Abraham
Morris Tarlowsky ... Alexander
Boris Thomashefsky ... Israel
Regina Zuckerberg ... Leah

Directed by Henry Lynn
Written by Henry Lynn and Boris Thomashefsky (play)
75 minutes, B & W

Believing his wife lost at sea, Israel remarries a scheming gold-digger. Shock, tears and laughs abound when his beloved wife returns on the eve of her son's bar mitzvah after a ten-year absence. Starring Yiddish theater superstar Boris Thomashefsky in his only film performance, this musical melodrama is a masterwork of shund, the bread and butter of the Yiddish theater."

... Pays tribute to religious and theatrical traditions while surprisingly bursting their bonds in moments of cinematic inspiration ... lightning bolts of cinematic revelation suggest the pliable, accessible modernism of the cinema." - The New Yorker

"The new discovery and restoration of Bar Mitzvah should be cause for aficionado celebration ... If "Jewish film," and Jewish culture at large, are about legacy, then this is required viewing, an immersion in remembrance of the forefathers" - Village Voice

-- The Center for Jewish Films




Here is a flip clip from the movie.




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