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              Betty Simonoff: I Remember When

             Voices of the Yiddish Theatre


Sholom Secunda: The Man and His Music


Celia Adler: Her Life in Yiddish Theatre.... and More

Yiddish Theatre 101

              "The Storm of Life" by Kobrin. w. People's Theatre troupe

       Cast photos

              "Kinder on a heym (Children Without a Home)", 1943

  • On Acting

               Berta Gersten (1920)


           Martin Boris Interviews

                    Lodz (1932)

                     London (1935)    

  • Professional Yiddish Actors Union in Poland

  Rules and Regulations

  Membership Application

 Herman Fisher

 Luba Fisher  

                         "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre"

           Newspaper Archives

                     Ben Bonus and his Village Theatre 1966     
    Ben Bonus on the State of Yiddish Theatre 1971




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