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For a number of years, the Museum of the Yiddish Theatre has been conducting extensive research into the history of the Yiddish theatre, e.g. the people who were involved with it, the theatres, the productions, the actors, the playwrights, the composer and lyricists et al, and its overall history.

The Museum has a list of nearly 15,000 Yiddish theatre productions once staged in North America. When available, the list includes the following information: the actor or actress in a particular play, the date the play opened, the name of the play, the name of the theatre in which it was staged, and its location, the name of the author, the composer, the lyricist, the director and more.

The Museum also has a large collection of Yiddish theatre photographs. As the Museum's founder is the archivist for the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance (the mutual aid society for Yiddish theatre actors and the like), the collection has been augmented.

With the assistance of many organizations that hold much material on the Yiddish theatre, e.g. the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, the American Jewish Historical Society, the New York Public Library, Fulton History, as well as the Museum of the City of New York, not to mention other online resources, the Museum has been able to conduct a great deal of research, although there is always so much more research that needs to be done. The research is ongoing.

Online databases will be created so the public can freely search for various information regarding Yiddish theatre, which will be part of the Museum's Education and Research Center. Until this is done, one may choose to learn about the lives and tragic ends of some of those brave angels of the Yiddish theatre, who were killed or otherwise died as a result of the Holocaust. This is an ongoing project, to translate nearly five hundred biographies from volume 5 (the "martyrs volume") of Zylbercweig's "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre," which is more than sixty percent complete. You can read the English translations of these "Lexicon" biographies at:

The Museum offers to the general public the opportunity to ask it questions about the Yiddish theatre, its personnel, etc. If the Museum can be of assistance, it will gladly do so.

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