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The Museum of the Yiddish Theatre is a virtual museum, i.e. it exists in "cyberspace." It does not exist in the "real world" as a so-called "brick-and-mortar" building. One can only "visit" the Museum via the Internet, and thus it is open to everyone, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week (and there is no admission fee!)

There are a number of ways in which one can visit the Museum of the Yiddish Theatre.

One can simply choose to use the Google-powered search engine on the top right of each page, enter a word(s) that represents their interest, and they can see their successful search results.

There is also the Museum's Site Map page, which strives to organize the material found within the Museum into subjects, making it easier for the museum visitor  to find more easily what they are looking for. The Site Map page for the Museum of the Yiddish Theatre can be found at www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/moyt/sitemap.htm.

One can decide to visit a specific online exhibition and follow it until its completion.

The Museum of Family History, the "parent" of the Museum of Yiddish Theatre, has its second floor devoted to Yiddish theatre. Though not fully functional and not especially connected materially to the Museum of the Yiddish theatre, one can take a virtual tour of this floor by accessing the floor map and clicking on the hyperlinks that are active, while at the same time imagining what the floor and exhibitions would look like if what was featured on the floor and in the exhibition rooms existed in "real space." The floor can be found at www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/visit-plans-secondfloor.htm.




Museum URL:  www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/moyt/main.htm.       Museum e-mail address:  yiddishtheatre@museumoffamilyhistory.com.

The Museum of the Yiddish Theatre is a division of the Museum of Family History.


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