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AJT-Association for Jewish Theatre
All about Jewish Theatre
Arizona Jewish Theatre Company
BAMAH Jüdischen Theaterbühne (Berlin)
Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity
Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre (Montreal)
Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre
Habima National Theatre (Tel Aviv)
Hackesches Hoftheater (Berlin)
Jewish Ensemble Theatre
Jewish Repertory Theatre of Western New York
Jewish Theatre of the South
Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids
Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble
Leeds Jewish International Performing Arts Festival
Museum of the Yiddish Theatre (virtual)
National Center for Jewish Cultural Arts
Nephesh Theatre
New Worlds Yiddish Project
New Yiddish Rep
State Jewish Theatre of Bucharest 
State Jewish Theatre of Warsaw (Teatr Zydowski im. E.R. Kaminskiej)
Storahtelling – Jewish Ritual Theatre Revived
Teatron Jewish Theatre (University of Pennsylvania)
Teatron Theatre (Toronto)
The Colony Theatre Company
Theater J
The Wandering Jewish Theater
Traveling Jewish Theatre
West Coast Jewish Theatre
Williamstown Theatre Festival
Winnipeg Jewish Theatre
Yiddish Language Playscripts (American Memory--Library of Congress)
Yiddish Theatre at the Kadimah (Victoria, Australia)
Yiddish Theatre Forum
Yiddishpiel (Tel Aviv)




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