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by Sholem Aleichem

at the Novotshi Theatre, Warsaw

"200,000" (also called by the author "Dos groyse gevins," i.e. the Big Winner/the Big Lottery) is a folks-shpiel in four acts by Sholem Aleichem, which was performed in September 1930 at the Novotshi Theatre in Warsaw, Poland.

A poor tailor, Soroker, played by Rubin, is told that heís won 200,000 rubles in the national lottery. His world turns topsy-turvy, as does the lives of Ettie his wife and Beilke his adored, unmarried daughter, who is now besieged by suitors. Events reel out of control, until itís learned that Soroker hasnít won the lottery after all. But when the bubble bursts, the tailor returns to his previous state, none the worse for the experience.

Direction was provided by Jacob Regirer, under the auspices of the Yiddish Theatre Society in Warsaw.

The stage direction was provided by Menachem Rubin (who also had the main male lead in the play.)

The settings were designed by K. Matzekevicz, and the orchestra leader was I. Schlossberg.

The troupe was made up of the following personnel:

Menachem Rubin, Helena Gotlib (Samborek), Diana Blumenfeld, Ajzyk Rotman, Chevel Buzgan, Moshe Garbaz, Shoshana, Itshe Inverntarz, Shlomo Kon, David Lederman, Simcha Weintraub, Avraham Wolfstat, Pesakh Kerman, Mania Kayzerowitz, Rachel Holzer, Hershl Poznanski and Akerman.


Menachem Rubin

Chevel Buzgan

Menachem Rubin


Diana Blumenfeld


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