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Welcome to the Movies!


The Cast:
Mae Schoenfeld A.L. Alexander ... Narrator, U.S. Version
Mae Schoenfeld David Dubinsky ... Introductory Speaker Himself, U.S. Version
B. Charney Vladeck ... Introductory Speaker Himself, U.S. Version

Directed by Lodz native Aleksander Ford and financed by the Jewish Labor movement in Poland, Children Must Laugh is one of the few surviving documentaries about Jewish life in Poland before WWII.

This institutional film was produced to raise funds for the Vladimir Medem Sanitarium which, noted for its modern and spacious facilities, stood as the embodiment of health and enlightenment, in striking contrast to the grim images of urban Polish-Jewish poverty.

The sanitarium's theme song, "Mir Kumen On (Here We Come)," punctuates the film with a sense of hope and accomplishment.

The Bund's optimistic internationalism, exemplified by the children's endearing performances, permeates the film, creating powerful yet unintended ironies for post-Holocaust audiences.

---- The National Center for Jewish Film

Directed by Aleksander Ford for the Jewish Labor Bund
Writers: Jacob Pat & Wanda Wasilewska
Music: Henoch Kon
Filmed in the Medem Sanatorium, Miedzeszyn,
Wawer, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
63 minutes, black & white

Here is a film clip from the movie:


The advertisement states:

"Today, Friday, 9:50 a.m. ... B. Charney Vladeck and David Dubinsky presents for the first time in America, the new, great Yiddish talkie, 'Children Must Laugh,' an important dramatic document of current Jewish life in the European cities of Poland, and as it stands for a new younger generation of Jewish worker-children ...

Also an extra attraction for the first time a huge dramatic portrayal of everything that the W.P.A. Projects have created for the men, women and children of America...

WORK PAYS AMERICA in the Continental Theatre, on Broadway and 52nd Street. 25 cents until 1 p.m."



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