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  The Cast:    
Dorothy West ... Ruth
Kate Bruce ... Ruth's Mother
Dell Henderson Dell Henderson ... The Proprietor
Charles West ... The Proprietor's Son
W. Chrystie Miller ... The Old Man
George Nichols ... Officer Quinn
Henry B. Walthall ... The Farmer
Clara T. Bracy Clara T. Bracy ... The Farm Woman
Francis J. Grandon ... The Doctor
Mae Schoenfeld Frank Evans ... The Policeman
Mae Schoenfeld William J. Butler ... In Second Shop
Mae Schoenfeld Charles Craig ... In Sweatshop
Gladys Egan ... Flower Girl
Mae Schoenfeld Ruth Hart ... In Second Shop
Guy Hedlund ... In Sweatshop

(A Child of the Ghetto)
Directed by D.W. Griffith
Scenario by Stanner E.V. Taylor
13 minutes (a short), B & W (a silent film)
Released in the United States in June 6, 1910.

"Rivington Street was the lively one, eternally jammed with pushcart peddlers hawking their wares. They had every imaginable commodity, from a needle to a wedding outfit ... Emotional, tempestuous, harrowing Rivington Street was perpetually a steaming, bubbling pot of human flesh."
-- D.W. Griffith (from the National Center for Jewish Film)

After her mother's death, Ruth struggles to support herself as a seamstress. While Ruth delivers shirts to the factory owner, the owner's son steals some money and Ruth is accused of the crime. She flees the ghetto of New York's Lower East Side and hides in the country where a young farmer takes her in and they fall in love.

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Here is the short in its entirety (13 mins., 02 secs.)






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