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Welcome to the Movies!


  The Cast:    
Michael Gorrin
(Michael Goldstein)
... Levy Yitzchok
  Helen Beverley ... Tzineh
Isidore Cashier ... Duvid Noiach
Anna Appel ... Rochel
 Mae Schoenfeld Max Vodnoy ... Alkuneh
  Leah Naomi ... Gittel
 Mae Schoenfeld Dena Drute ... Stera
Mae Schoenfeld Saul Levine ... Hersh-Ber
Herschel Bernardi ... Avram-Yakov
Mae Schoenfeld Aron Ben-Ami ... A Yeshive Student
Mae Schoenfeld Arianne Ulmer ... Little girl


The advertisement (left) reads:

"World premiere, this evening at 8:45 p.m. ... A Yiddish talkie from Peretz Hirshbein, immortal classic ... 'Green Fields' ...

Director: Jacob Ben-Ami and Edgar Ulmer ...

With Artef and Art Theatre Artists ...

Special midnight show, today at 11:15 ...

Peretz Hirshbein and Jacob Ben-Ami will personally make an appearance ... 'China Strikes Back,' sensational scenes shown for the first time in the levant ...

Squire Theatre (Co. 5-1636), 44th Street and 8th Avenue.

25 cents until 1 p.m., Wednesday.

(Green Fields)
Directors: Jacob Ben-Ami and Edgar G. Ulmer
Writers: Peretz Hirshbein; George Moskov (screenplay)
Music: Vladimir Heifetz
Filmed in Newton, New Jersey
First released in the U.S. on October 11, 1937.
1937; 97 minutes; B & W


In Edgar G. Ulmer's soulful open-air adaptation of Peretz Hirshbein's classic play, an ascetic young scholar ventures into the Lithuanian countryside, searching for "true Jews." One of the most critically acclaimed and beloved of American Yiddish talkies, Green Fields celebrates an idyllic world of tribal wholeness and innate piety. Rarely has a film represented the shtetl with such lyricism.

-- The National Center for Jewish Film


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