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Welcome to the Movies!


  The Cast:    
Bryant Washburn ... David
Helen Ferguson ... Sara
E. Alyn Warren ... Abraham
Rosa Rosanova ... Hannah
George Seigmann ... Rosenblatt
Otto Lederer ... Gedalyah Mindel
Millie Schottland ... Mishel Mindel
Bert Sprotte ... Cossack
Abe Budin ... Soptkn
Edward B. Tilton ... Judge

(Hungry Hearts)

Directed by E. Mason Hopper
Written by Julien Josephson (screenplay);
Anzia Yezierska (stories)
80 minutes, B & W, silent film
Filmed in Hollywood, California and in New York City.
Released in the United States on November 26, 1922.

Based on the short stories of Anzia Yezierska, the first writer to bring stories of American Jewish women to a mainstream audience, Hungry Hearts focuses on the members of the Levin family who emigrate from Eastern Europe to New York City's Lower East Side. Abraham, the pious father learned in religion but uninterested in business, has difficulty making a living and adjusting to life in America. The daughter Sara scrubs floors in the tenement in order to earn money and "become a somebody." The mother Hannah, a noble matriarch, scrimps and saves to paint her dingy kitchen white only to have her landlord raise the rent because of the improvements.

This early silent film was produced in a Hollywood studio but the street scenes were shot on location on the Lower East Side in New York City. This bittersweet classic captures the hopes and hardships of Jewish immigrants in the New World.

-- The Center for Jewish Films


One of the 100 Greatest Jewish Films —Tablet Magazine: "Goldwyn Pictures’ 1922 silent-movie adaptation of Anna Yezierska’s classic novel of the Lower East Side is a landmark document: a Jewish-immigrant-dominated film industry’s first serious depiction of the Jewish-immigrant experience."





Here is a flip clip from the movie.


In the ghetto there arrives Abraham, the wise student, with his family from Russia. here, in the narrow street, with compressed stores and tenements, he seeks the joy and the happiness from this much-promised land ... "Hungry Hearts," is a soul-stirring moving picture drama for all to see -- for everyone who suffers, and who have struggled, with a divine belief in the inheritance of the Jew ...
Capitol Theatre, Broadway and 51st Street.
This coming Sunday, November 26th.
-- From the Yiddish Forward newspaper, November 26, 1922.



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