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Welcome to the Movies!


  The Cast:    
Moishe Feder ... Jacob Goodman
Leo Fuchs ... Khaim Bok
Sam Gertler ... Eugen Guggenheim
Rose Greenfield ... Bas Shiva
Hannah Hollander ... Ameila
Dave Lubritsky ... Sol
Esta Salzman ... Celia
Muni Serebroff ... Aaron Waldman
Yetta Zwerling ... Brinye
Louis 'Leibele' Waldman ... Cantor


(I Want to Be a Mother)
Directed by George Roland
Written by Isidor Lash
Filmed in New York, NY
Released in the U.S. on February 26, 1937

Young Amelia, who has always believed that her parents were living in the section of New York City known as the Bronx, has always wanted to have children. However, she is shocked to discover one day that she is actually the illegitimate daughter of her aunt--who, as it turns out, actually isn't her aunt. Furthermore, it also turns out that her husband's father is actually her own long-lost father! Her dreams of having children seem to have been shattered--until marriage broker Chaim Bok lets her in on yet another family secret. (from


From the advertisement on the right, which appeared in the Yiddish Forward (Forverts) newspaper on the day the film opened in the United States, i.e. February 26, 1937:

Joseph Seiden presents ... First Yiddish talkie on Broadway with Second Avenue Stars ... The world-famous Yiddish comedian, Leo Fuchs, in:
"I Want to be a Mother." Together with the well-known actress Hannah Hollander, in the new, great Yiddish talkie that touches you with its life drama and will refresh you with its humor ... Only a mother can bring such a disaster! A scene that evokes the typical feelings of fathers, mothers and children ... laughter and tears ... drama, humor, singing and dance. Together with Moishe Feder, Muni Serebroff, Dave Lubritsky, Sam Gertler, Rose Greenfield, Esta Salzman and Yetta Zwerling. Also the famous cantor, Leibele Waldman. Opens today at 1 p.m., Belmont Theatre, 48th Str., between 6th and 7th Ave. Prices: 25 cents until 2 p.m.; 53 cents Saturday and Sunday until 2 p.m.

Here is a short video clip from the film.




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