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  The Cast:    
Eugeniusz Bodo ... Henryk Paczek, radio speaker
Jozef Orwid ... Hipolit Paczek, house owner
Helena Grossowna ... Lodzia Packowna
Ludwik Sempolinski ... Kulka Kulkiewicz
Stanislaw Wolinski ... Protazy, Hipolit's servant
Czeslaw Skonieczny ... Damazy, Henryk's servant
Felix Chmurkowski   Stefan Bonecki
Alina Zeliska ... Alicja Bonecki
Julian Krzewinski ... Director of Polish radio
Stefan Laskowski ...  
Wincenty Loskot ...  
Mae Schoenfeld Mieczyslaw Bilazewski ... Konferansjer na baul makowym
Mae Schoenfeld Aleksander Suchcicki ... Radio clerk
Mae Schoenfeld Kazimierz Szerszynski ... Participant of masked ball



Original Polish titel: "Pietro wjzej"
Produced in Warsaw, Poland
fully dubbed into Yiddish
85 minutes; B & W



Two apartment house dwellers, although unrelated, share the same name. One is an older man with an appreciation for and love of classical music, while the other is a younger man addicted to swing music. The niece of the older man arrives for a visit and gets into the wrong apartment. Complications arise.

 óLes Adams, via


Leon Trystan, who had codirected A Brivele der Mamen, saw the far-reahing comomercial prospects for Yiddish cinema in America. While Yiddish films were very well received in American theatres  and by the American press, such was not the aswe with Trystan's Polish-language pictures, Pietro Wjzej (The Apartment Above), and released it in New York in a dubbed Yiddish version as Shkheynim (Neighbors).

 It was a light comedy by Polish writers about two families who live in the same apartment building and their inability to get along with each other. The picture featured Polish actors Eugene Bodo and Helen Gross (Grossowna).

Whereas the Polish releases had failed to attract any attention in New York a few months earlier, the Yiddish version did extremely well. No one repeated this antic.

-- from "Visions, Images and Dreams," by Erich A. Goldman




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