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Great Artists: David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright

The Seventieth Jubilee
Sponsored by the Jewish National Workers Alliance
(Yiddische Nationaler Arbeiter Farbund)
Honoring David Pinski, age seventy, at the Second Avenue Theatre
Second Avenue at Second Street, New York, New York
Performance of Pinski's "The Treasure"
30 October 1942

Program Cover

Cast List
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about the cast of Pinski's "The Treasure"

In 1899 Pinski moved to New York where he would live for the next fifty years. There, he became the editor of Abendblatt, a Socialist Labor newspaper. He also wrote most of his plays, novels and short stories during this time. He wrote many plays that dealt with the working man; these plays were very topical. He always was very concerned about the welfare of all Jewish employees.

Pinski was a Socialist and played an active part in the labor movement, especially the Labor Zionist movement. He founded the Farband, the Labor Zionist organization. He was president of the organization from 1919-22 and from 1933-48. He was also president of the Jewish National Workers Alliance from 1920-22, as well as being on the Board of Directors for HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) from at least 1941-48.


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